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Generally, the weather in Peru is mild, without heavy rainfalls in winter neither excessive heat in summer, which allows tourism at any of time of the year. In the case of Lima, summers sees a medium temperature of 25° C and winter is characterized by gray, humid and cloudy days with temperatures between 12°C and 15°C.

The seasons in Peru (south hemisphere) are:
  • Summer: December 22nd to March 21st
  • Fall: March 22nd to June 21st
  • Winter: June 22nd to September 22nd
  • Spring: September 23rd to December 21st
Three different types of climates are distinguished and belong to the three geographical zones in the Peruvian territory:
  • In the Peruvian Subtropical Coast, the summer exceeds 29°C, while winter covers June and September. It is humid and rainy and has a temperature of 14°C.
  • In the highlands, the weather is cold and dry and the temperature range from 9° and 18° according to the day. Sun usually shines all mornings but at night thermometers reaches only 5°C.
  • In the jungle, the climate is tropical, hot and humid and the average temperature is from 25° to 28°C.
In the highlands and jungle, rainfalls start in December and end in April.

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